Thursday, February 16, 2012

On the Non-Fiction Side

Lately I've been catching up on my non-fiction reading, tough to do when you are in a silly book mood!

Treasure Hunter by W.C. Jameson Since the long ago day my brother and I found thousands of dollars while playing in the creek I've been fascinated by treasure and those who hunt for it.  W.C. Jameson's Treasure Hunter left me wanting...not to hunt treasure myself, or to rush through the book but rather to sit down with him over a beer and hear him tell the stories.  While the book was enjoyable enough I strongly suspect that Mr. Jameson's true gift would be that of a verbal storyteller. This book will be an easy one to pick up now and again to read a single story.  On a completely different note I struggled a lot with Mr Jameson's attitude that he was above the law and had the right to take whatever he wanted from where ever it happened to be.  I would not put this book in a child's hands without a continual conversation about morals and ethics.

Aries by Joanna Martine Woolfolk Throughout my life I've gone back and forth about being Aries.  Many of the characterists were a perfect match, others were so far off the mark I found it impossible to imagine them as part of the same person.  Reading Ms. Woolfolk's book on Aries though allowed for new insight and understanding of myself and makes me very grateful to the adults in my life who shaped me in such a way that the worst of the Aries qualities while present are heard in my head only as whispers and rarely acted upon. Whatever your sign, whether you believe in horoscopes are not I'd recommend reading the one of this series for your own sign just to see what you might learn about yourself.

The Whole Foot Book by Brett Ryan Fink, M.D. and Mark Stuart Mizel, M.D. This book is already on its way to becoming a well thumbed reference book! The information is presented in ways that make it easy to understand with excellent illustrations. The personal stories of others who experienced similar problems and their solutions served both as inspiration (or warnings) and kept me reading. As I move into yet another season of marathon training I suspect I will be reaching for this book often.

Many thanks to the authors Brett Ryan Fink, M.D. and Mark Stuart Mizel, M.D.
Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza  I found this book utterly fascinating.  So much so that I will be shopping for a physical copy of the book since I was given an electronic version to review.  This is one I will be referring back to again and again.  The look at quantum theory, modern neuroscience and how we can truly change our own minds was riveting.  While that might sound like a tough read the author did an excellent job of keeping the topics accessible and easy to understand, readers should not be intimidated.  Grab a copy and take a journey though your own brain and see what happens.

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