Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The World of Harry Potter

Like a great many people I mourned the ending of he HarryPotter series. Hogwarts had begun to feel like a second home and while undeniably a muggle I dreamed of walking those halls and living within JK Rowling's imaginary world forever. Thankfully while most of us just slid the books into our bookcases G. Norman Lippert sat down at his computer and began to wrestle with all the questions that spun in his head. The result is two incredible books "fan fiction" which follow James Potter, Harry's oldest son as the primary character.

The first of these is James Potter & The Hall of Elder's Crossing which addresses the question of how you find your own path with a famous parent and presents a wonderful new adventure within the walls of Hogwarts. The second book I downloaded and read this weekend, James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper. The first book is a delightful easy read. The second digs in deeper on every level moving from something I'd have considered a worthy children's book to a richly varied and very adult book. It brought me to tears, made me laugh, had me on the edge of my seat, and left me with a head full of questions that have me yearning for more.

The third of these books is already in the works and I can hardly wait to read it. In the meantime though I took a little side journey with Mr Lippert to delve deeper into one of the characters, Petra Morganstern. His novella The Girl on the Dock follows this character through some life changing choices dring the summer after graduation. It too left me wanting more.

Great reads all!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What a ride!

As much as I was dreading the series being over I'm so glad I went ahead and read the book.

Here is the review I posted on

The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Book 5)… by Rick Riordan
WOW!! I was going to delay reading this book as I was sad to see the series end. Then yesterday was such a deary day I decided to read it anyway. This one outshines all the previous stories. I laughed, I held my breath, near the end I sobbed, finally I just gave a satisfied sigh. Perfect.

All I can say is "More please Mr Riordan!"

Today I found out I was selected as an "Early Reader" for the book "Day of the Assassins" by Johnny O'Brien. You can check it out at I'm really looking forward to the book arriving!

Today I'm taking a break and reading a little Harlequin Romance novel "Bound by the Marcolini Diamonds" by Melanie Milbourne. Looks like it will be a good read...I'll let you know.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ahhh ...

the smell of new books. Picked up books 4 & 5 of Percy Jackson & the Olympians. As well as Maria Snyder's "Sea Glass." Consumed book 4 yesterday and loved every moment of it. I will be sad to see the series end ... which is why the final book is just sitting here staring at me instead of being read. I'm not ready.

Instead I will pick up "Breath" by Tim Winton. It's our book club book for this month and so far I've read very little. Just a day at work and a drug trip so far, yee-haw, really makes me want to dig in and read the rest. I certainly hope there is more to the story. Otherwise I'm going to be very glad its a short book.

Today is a perfect reading day. Nothing to do, overcast and a bit dreary, on the cool side. So first I will journey to Australia with Mr Winton and then who knows where I will go, NYC, Germany, some mysterious otherworld. Wherever I end up I'll be snuggled up with my favorite blanket enjoying the trip.