Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ahhh ...

the smell of new books. Picked up books 4 & 5 of Percy Jackson & the Olympians. As well as Maria Snyder's "Sea Glass." Consumed book 4 yesterday and loved every moment of it. I will be sad to see the series end ... which is why the final book is just sitting here staring at me instead of being read. I'm not ready.

Instead I will pick up "Breath" by Tim Winton. It's our book club book for this month and so far I've read very little. Just a day at work and a drug trip so far, yee-haw, really makes me want to dig in and read the rest. I certainly hope there is more to the story. Otherwise I'm going to be very glad its a short book.

Today is a perfect reading day. Nothing to do, overcast and a bit dreary, on the cool side. So first I will journey to Australia with Mr Winton and then who knows where I will go, NYC, Germany, some mysterious otherworld. Wherever I end up I'll be snuggled up with my favorite blanket enjoying the trip.

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