Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh dear...

you know you're doomed when the books start talking to you. My review of "Ratio" is posted on ... I absolutely loved it. As is my review of "Laced with Magic" which I did not. It stayed confusing to the end and I was constantly having to back track to sort out WHO was doing the speaking. Ugh! And the ending? What is that about?? The town is just gone? Is that the end of the series or just the beginning of the next battle? How is a girl supposed to sleep with all these questions in her head?

Then I received a shipment of books I'd ordered from that were meant to be part of my 2010 reading challenge. Well "13 little Blue Envelopes" just started whispering about how good a read it would be. I tried to ignore it, tried to read something else, then I caved and read it cover to cover yesterday. My review for that one is posted as well.

Now I'm twiddling my thumbs and bloging as I wait for my husband to awaken for our weekly trip to Barnes & Noble. What treasures are waiting for me tonight? What book will whisper from the shelves,"Come, adventure with me..."? What cover will catch my eye and lure me in?

I love book stores!

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