Monday, August 24, 2009

In the begining ...

I don't remember the very first book I read, I remember the very first one I wrote though. A very wise teacher had me illustrate it, sent me around to other classes to read it to younger kids, then had it placed on a shelf in the school library. Thus began a love afair with books, libraries, and writing ...

I, Virginia Gill, do hereby confess to be a book junkie.

That's right, I am addicted in the worst (best?) possible ways. Too long without a book in my hand and I get anxious. Then the cravings hit for the smell of old leather and musty pages, or crisp paper and fresh ink. The smell gives me a visceral high without regular exposure I get downright cranky. It's no wonder my husband says the scariest thing in the world is ME, without a book!

A comfy chair and uninterupted time with a book, what more could a person ask? Well, for time to discuss those books with other readers for a start! Once a month book club is wonderful but it just leaves me craving more time, more people, more BOOKS.

So here I am committed to posting about the books I'm reading and excited to hear what YOU are reading. Come on by and share.

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