Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Slow down ... pay attention ...

How many times did we hear those words as kids? More than I even care to think about to be honest. Last night I was reminded just how important it is to do those things, especially when you are reading. Went off to bed, "Laced With Magic" tucked under my arm, ready for a fun read. What I got was very confused and frustrated ...

Until five chapters later when I realised that in zooming by ignoring chapters titles I was missing a vital clue. OK Mom...YOU WERE RIGHT! So I backtracked and saw that what had been a psychotic story making no sense at all actually did. If you paid enough attention to notice that each chapter has a different character's name and what follows is the story told as their first person narrative. WHEW! The rest of the book should be easy.

First up for today is a chapter or two more from "Beowolf on the Beach" which I am loving. It is a laugh out loud funny book that actually has me excited to read, or reread books I've always dreaded. (Who knows ... maybe I will one day love those books so much I'll become a book snob. HA! Not likely!) Then I swear I am going to spend some time cleaning my office. Unless, of course, curling up on the couch with a book gets too tempting. I've just six more days of fun reading before I have to pick up the next book club read, Breath by Winton, and get it read.

Chores vs. Books


Life is so full of hard choices.

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