Friday, June 8, 2012

Oh the books...

With my still jobless state and the way the economy remains I have turned more and more to my local library for things to read.  A few I have checked out and returned mostly electronically which I'm finding quite handy.  However I've discovered that each day about an hour before the library opens the free book bins downstairs are filled.  In the aftermath of the annual book sale then offerings have been great!  Each day I've gone home with at least four more books to add to my shelves, often thigns I wouldn't have explored if I'd had to buy the books.  Though I have been delighted to discover books I didnt own by authors I enjoy.

Deep Storm - Child  Loads of suspence, non-stop action, lurking conspiracy, and just the right touch of creepy...Mr Child does not disappoint.  Sat and read this one cover to cover completely forgetting to even stop for dinner. This one had me holding my breath and wondering just what I'd do if I were in the main character's shoes.

Will come back and post reviews as I can but here are the other books I read in the month of May.

Pillars of the Earth - Follet
Circle of Friends - Binchey
The Keep - Wilson
The Deep Zone - Tabor
The Serpant's Shadow - Riordan
The Man Who Loved Books Too Much -  Bartlett
All For You - Kurland
The Secrets of the Immortal Nicolas Flamel Series - Scott
Make More, Worry Less - Moss
Eat to Live - Furhman
Between Sisters
The Search - Roberts
The New Girl
Doctor Right - Tronstad

So far in June:
Games of Thrones - Martin
Too Much Temptation - Foster
Too Hot to Handle - Kaye

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