Saturday, January 7, 2012

A mixed bag

The Son of Neptune is the first Riordan book I struggled to read. Were I not already a big fan this book probably would have landed on the shelf without ever having been finished. That said, KEEP READING the last quarter of the book finds the author hitting his usual stride and the story coming to life. Made it well worth slogging through. Brace yourself though...this is not a stand alone book. You need to have read the Percy Jackson books as well as Book 1 of this series to make sense of the story...and it doesn't end it just pauses mid scene to await the next book. My biggest pet peeve. I understand from a marketing perspective why this happens as it pretty much guarantees you sales on the next book but it's so very annoying.  In my opinion every book in a series should stad completely on its own whether or not I've ever read the others in the series or by the same author.  Not making them tht way always makes me feel a bit like I've been cheated.

As an Alaskan though I had to grit my teeth and roll my eyes at the inaccurate descriptions of the scenes set here in Alaska. Though I still have the giggles about blue giants playing with moose as if they were toys. That would explain a lot.  Over all I'm glad I read it and look forward to the next book if only so I know what happened at the end of THIS book.
Whispers in the Dark Maya Banks latest addition to the KGI series is every bit as exciting as the previous three books. Whispers in the Dark found me frequently holding my breath and reading as fast as I could, I absolutely loved it. Waiting for book five will be a painful exercise in anticipation. I have fallen in love with the whole Kelly family and just thoroughly enjoy the depth Ms Banks gives to every character. Thank you for another great read!
The Secret of Quantum Living I adored Mr Kinslow's easy conversational style of writing. Through most of the book I felt as if I were sitting with a friend over coffee rather than sitting on my couch reading. With simple language and exercises he made what could have been an intimidating topic interesting and approachable. This book has given me a very different perspective on myself and the world in which I live.

Looking forward to reading more from Mr Kinslow.
Now my "currently reading" list contains just two books. Maria V Synder's "Touch of Power" which if off to a very good start and "Ghost Memoir" by Lady Nairna whose description alone had me laughing. Today it is cold and snowy...a perfect day for books.

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