Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Secret of Quantum Living by Frank J Kinslow

Generally I avoid talking about books I'm reading until I finish them because so often how I feel about them changes as I read.  I can't do that with this book so I'm going to put my thoughts here and update as I go.  Who knows how I'll feel at the end but I'm losing track of the book when the desire to discuss what I'm reading gets the best of me.  Instead of reading I find myself imaging sitting with Mr Kinslow over coffee, or curled up on my couch with Vladimir going over the passages in the book. 

Here we go:

First I have to say I requested a review copy of this book simply because the word quantum in the title caught my eye.  Quantum theory is ...well beautiful...and yes, I do know that I'm a nerd.  The theory touches me deeply enough that the first charm on my charm bracelet was a tiny silver disk engraved with a Q to remind of it at all times. The first chapter of The Secret of Quantum living has a quote by Edwin Louis Cole, "Expectancy is the atmosphere for miracles." That alone is great food for thought. If we lived in a state of expectancy, open always to the enormous realm of possibilities in life wouldn't we see ourselves surrounded by miracles? 

Throughout Bill's cancer journey people asked how I could be so strong, calm, loyal, etc.  I found the question puzzling each time, I certainly had my meltdown moments.  Then I came across a passage in this book that really gave me perspective on both the question and my ability to cope in a long term crisis situation."Peace doesn't push out fear and suffering; it just won't allow them to exist in that nurturing atmosphere." Read that again...it doesn't push it out...it just doesn't allow it to exist.  That has to be one of the most meaningful sentences I've ever read.  I'd like to stand up at church and preach about that!

15.Dec.11 - The line sticking with me this morning is "It is only the thought that we are not whole that makes us feel that we are not." How many things in life trigger the thought that we are not whole? Countless! Single people often feel they must be married to be whole.  Childless people think wholeness comes with children.  The list could go on and on.  Why is it such a struggle to simply see ourselves as the miracles that we are and accept that anything more is a bonus rather than a necessity?

2. Jan. 12 - The more I read this book the more I am coming to understand myself...to see what other people have so often commented on about me. It's simply fascinating.

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