Tuesday, December 20, 2011

TC Southwell

I'd never head of this author before my friend Deb insisted on loaning me the book.  I swear despite being several states away I could see her bouncing around the computer when she asked "Have you read it yet?" I opened the book expecting to read a few pages or a chapter as a break from The Secret of Quantum Living and then to go right back to it. Some break! Found myself quickly engrossed in the characters and action of the book. Forty-eight hours later I reached the last page and am dismayed that I made my friend swear not to loan me the next book until after I finish my current "To Read" pile and get the reviews written.
My thanks to TC Southwell, I am about to plunge in with extra gusto just so I can get back to Blade and see what happens in the next book!

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